Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom Tooth Extractions In Burnaby, BC

Sometimes all four third molars or wisdom teeth erupt as they should, and they don’t bring about any potential problems. However, at other times, you may have them erupting improperly or not at all. If there are wisdom teeth that haven’t come in, they may require removal. Besides, if they have come in but are likely to present issues, our dentists at Smile Dental Group in Burnaby, BC, may decide to extract them.

How Common is Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Because of the high volume of annual extractions, wisdom tooth removal is a prevalent dental problem. Every year, about 5 million Americans have their wisdom teeth pulled, but only some will require wisdom tooth extraction.

In addition, roughly 10% of persons have an infection in their third molars. Cysts, a more serious condition, may be present in such cases. Additionally, the teeth around an impacted tooth may be affected. If you need your wisdom teeth out, talk to us.

How is the Removal Done?

Removing wisdom teeth requires the patient to be sedated. Our dentists use local anesthesia to numb the wisdom tooth and surrounding tissue. After numbing the area, our dentist uses dental tools to expose the tooth. The dentist cuts through your gum to make incisions, allowing adequate tooth access. After exposing the tooth, the dentists loosen it gently and pull it out.

Aftercare Tips

Our dentists may instruct you to bite down on a gauze pad to stop blood flow. This also hastens the production of blood clots in the gums. A blood clot is essential to your healing because it prevents infection of the exposed bone and wound.

Don’t rush the healing process; the more time you give your body to heal, the sooner you will be able to eat the foods you enjoy again. Start with soft foods and avoid brushing close to the site for a day.

Our dentists at Smile Dental Group in Burnaby, BC, are always available to learn about wisdom tooth extraction. Contact us today to set up an appointment!