Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry In Burnaby, BC

Smile Dental Group is your local dental clinic in Burnaby, BC, that provides reliable restorative dentistry services. Whether you need a dental filling or are looking to replace missing teeth with our dentures, you can be sure our dental clinic has your oral health in mind and will strive to restore functionality to your bite.

Dental Bone Grafting in Burnaby, BC

A dental bone graft increases the volume of bone tissue in the jaw. The procedure is recommended when the patient has suffered some form of bone loss caused by gum disease or missing teeth. Bone grafts are sometimes required for other procedures and can be a great way to prevent long-term complications related to insufficient bone tissue. Autografts are a type of bone graft that involves taking bone tissue from the patient’s body (typically the back of the jaw or a part of the hip). It’s also one of the preferred methods of dental bone grafting since it promotes quicker bone formation and faster healing.

Fillings to Treat Cavities

Dental fillings are used to fill in cavities in a tooth. They’re made from various materials, such as composite resin, porcelain, or a combination of both. Composite resin is more commonly used because it’s less expensive, but porcelain fillings are more durable and have a more natural look.

Dental Bridges Replace Missing Teeth

Dental bridges are great at filling gaps left by multiple missing teeth. The procedure is a more affordable alternative to procedures such as dental implants, as the dental bridge will be anchored in place by the natural teeth.

Crowns That Keep Your Tooth Safe

Crowns keep the underlying tooth from being damaged. They’re an excellent option for protecting a weak tooth since they’re made of materials like composite resin, porcelain, or metal and won’t require any additional care apart from a good dental regimen.

Dentures That Fit You Comfortably

A denture is a dental appliance used when the patient has no natural teeth, and they can be easily removed and restores both functionality and aesthetics to the patient’s smile.

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