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Smile Dental Group – We provide all dental examinations and all dental treatments. Please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions: because our passion is smiles, and you deserve your true smile.

Smile Dental Group, located in the heart of Burnaby, provides broad-spectrum cosmetic dental services. We combine the latest implant technologies and advanced dental examinations. Both State-of-the-art and cutting-edge, our dental examinations are comfortable and comprehensive. Your treatment plan is optimally customized for you.

When you look in the mirror, your healthy smile will say it all.

Our Services

General Dentistry with Dentist in Burnaby, British Columbia

General Dentistry

General dentistry such as dental crowns, fillings covers a broad range of dental services which Smile Dental Group (Family Dentist Burnaby, BC) is proud to offer to our patients.

Dental Implants & Dentures - Burnaby Family Dentist

Dental Implants

Implants have a documented success rate of over 95%, which is significantly higher than any other tooth-replacement option. We can fill the gaps between teeth through Dental Implants and Dentures.

Hygiene Appointments at Family Dental Clinic

Hygiene Appointments

Your dental hygiene is important to a long and healthy life. At Smile Dental Group we strive to help you maintain a great regimen.

Cosmetic and Family Dentist in BC

Cosmetic Dentistry

The appearance of your teeth is important to us. We are committed to giving you the beautiful smile that you deserve through procedures such as Veneers, Orthodontics, Teeth Whitening, Invisalign and more ...

Your Family Dentist in Burnaby, British Columbia

Restorative Dentistry

Let Smile Dental Group (Burnaby Dentist) help restore your teeth to great health with our restorative dental services such as Porcelain Crowns & Fixed Bridges, Root Canal Therapy, Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings

South Burnaby Dentist

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry may help those who have fears and anxieties about going to the burnaby dentist.

Where to Find Smile Dental Group (Burnaby Dentist)

Smile Dental (Dentist in Burnaby, BC)

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Dr. Sushma Bajaj

Experienced Dentist in Burnaby Dr. Bajaj and her team at Smile Dental provides patient-focused dentistry. We believe in well-rounded care to achieve good oral health, and we are there for our patients, providing professional dental services which help our patients maintain a beautiful, healthy smile.

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Dr. Nitin Mehta

Dr. Nitin Mehta, General Dentist, completed his dental education in 2004 and has over 12 years of clinical experience with expertise in Endodontics, Restorative and Aesthetic dentistry.

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