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3 Essential Reasons to Visit Your Dentist in Burnaby Regularly

October 12, 2018

When it comes to your dental health and well-being, one of the most important steps to take, is to visit your dentist in Burnaby regularly, at least twice a year. Below we have highlighted three of the most important reasons you should keep up your regular dental check-ups. Reason [...]

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Questions to Ask a Burnaby Dentist Before Becoming a Patient

October 5, 2018

Our dental health is extremely important. Our teeth serve a lot of practical purposes, such as chewing food and helping us make specific sounds for speech. They also function aesthetically, and having unattractive teeth can affect our self-esteem. Finally, dental health is important to our overall health. If we [...]

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How to Maintain a Sparkling Healthy Smile with a Dentist in Burnaby

September 18, 2018

A healthy smile can transform your face. It can make you appear more attractive, boost self-confidence, and open doors. Although it may seem complex, you can maintain a sparkling healthy smile with a dentist in Burnaby through regular cleanings and by following a few simple steps for self-care. A [...]

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What Does It Take to Choose a Top Burnaby Dentist

September 5, 2018

Let’s face it, no one wants to be stuck with a Burnaby dentist that they aren’t happy with, so here is how to know what it takes to choose one of the top dentists in the area. Convenient opening hours When looking for a Burnaby dentist, searching for opening [...]

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How Sedation Dentistry Helps in Relieving Pain and Fear

August 13, 2018

It is not just kids, but also some adults who feel frightened before visiting a Burnaby dentist. They fear that they will experience pain while getting required dental treatments. Toothache, gum disease and several other dental problems may become apparent all of a sudden. Hoping that the pain will [...]

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3 Prime Benefits of Dental Implants

July 25, 2018

Missing teeth not only affects your appearance, it can lead to other dental problems. Most people don’t think about the possible effects of the empty space they have in the arch of their jaw. A missing tooth clearly visible from the front when smiling makes people feel insecure about [...]

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Matters of the Mouth

April 9, 2018

Teeth are important. Your teeth are more than just aesthetics – they are functional. You need teeth to eat any kind of solid food, and tooth problems can lead to extreme pain, not just while eating, but all the time. Toothaches are a minor inconvenience at best; at their [...]

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Find Your Next Burnaby Dentist Today

March 18, 2018

It can be hard to find a dentist these days, what with busy clinics throughout Burnaby and limited dentist availability. Not to mention that there are so many factors to consider, such as your individual needs, the clinic’s hours and availability (are they open late on weekdays? Do they [...]

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What You Can Expect from a Dentist in Burnaby When You Visit Smile Dental Group

February 26, 2018

As a patient living in Burnaby, you want to know that when you go to your dentist that you will be able to get whatever work you need done for you. At the Smile Dental Group in Burnaby we have a team of expert professional dentists and health care [...]

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Why Children’s Dental Health is Important

January 6, 2018

At Smile Dental, we pride ourselves on being a family friendly dental clinic. For us, this means that the whole family is welcome at our practice. And when we say the whole family, that means everyone from grandparents to toddlers, because dental health is important at every age. In [...]

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