Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal Treatment In Burnaby, BC

Periodontal disease can damage your gums, bone, and other soft tissue that help keep your teeth in place. In most cases, the disease arises when bacteria in the plaque invade the gums, causing an infection. If you don’t get periodontal treatment in time, the infection can spread to the connective tissue, teeth, and, ultimately, to the systemic circulation.

At Smile Dental Group, we offer surgical and non-surgical periodontal treatment in Burnaby, BC, to treat the various stages of the disease.

Treating The Various Stages Of Periodontal Disease

If left untreated, periodontal disease can progressively spread from your gums to other parts of the mouth in stages. At Smile Dental Group, we use different treatment strategies depending on the stage of your disease.

While each stage is unique, we treat the various stages in the following ways-

Gingivitis is the initial stage of the disease, and our dentists near you treat it with a thorough dental cleaning followed by prescribing a comprehensive home dental hygiene program.

Periodontitis is an advanced stage requiring treatments like non-surgical scaling and root planting. You might also receive antibiotic therapy to combat the infection.

Advanced periodontitis necessitates surgical intervention. Our dentists can recommend osseous (flap) gum surgery to treat this condition effectively.

Gum recession due to periodontitis is treated by gum grafting to ensure you have enough teeth coverage.

Bone loss in advanced periodontal disease needs osseous (bone) grafting surgery to regenerate the bone and strengthen your jawbones.

Recovery Following Periodontal Treatment

The recovery after periodontal treatment near you is focused on maintaining rigorous dental hygiene. As periodontal treatments are customized to meet individual requirements, the recovery timeframe can significantly change from patient to patient.

Our dentists in Burnaby, BC, might establish a periodontal maintenance program to monitor your progress after the treatment. You might be asked to schedule dental visits every 3-4 months until you fully recover.

Getting treatment in the early stages of periodontal disease is crucial to limit the damage and need for extensive surgical procedures.

Please schedule an appointment with our trained and experienced dentists at Smile Dental Group to evaluate your gum health and get assistance with early signs of gum disease.