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Prevention is always the best and most comfortable treatment.  We like to see all of our patients at least annually for a full examination so that we can detect any problems when they are small/just starting.

We also recommend regular visits with our hygienist to keep the gums healthy and the teeth free of deposit and stain. Our hygienist will examine your gums and teeth and make recommendations/modifications to your homecare techniques that will help maintain your clean, white smile. She will recommend a recare schedule specific to your needs. Some of our clients come in every three to four months to prevent deposit from building up and irritating the tissues. This makes it easier for the patient as there is less deposit on the teeth, which means a quicker, more comfortable visit.

After removing the hard deposits (calculus/tarter) from the teeth, the teeth will then be polished to remove superficial stain. If you have older fillings, tend to get new cavities, or have root exposure/sensitive teeth, topical fluoride treatment may also be recommended.

Our hygienist will gladly discuss any of your health/dental needs and make an effort to work with you to find the best techniques/routines that work for you. We may want everyone to floss nightly, be we know it’s not going to happen. Perhaps you would benefit from a different type of interproximal cleaner, different type of toothbrush, toothpaste, or rinse. There are options in hygiene too.  Your teeth are designed to be good for life – it just takes a bit of work, and that’s why we’re here.

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