What You Need to Know About Dental Implants Burnaby

July 27, 2017

Fixing a missing tooth can be daunting. At Smile Dental Group, we know how important dental health is to our patients in Burnaby, and we also know that treatment can sometimes seem overwhelming. In this post, we’re here to guide you through dental implants in Burnaby and reassure our patients that this procedure is an extremely positive and effective solution for those suffering from gaps in their smile.

Dental implants involve a titanium screw being placed where the root of the missing tooth had been. Surgery is naturally required to insert this, but the procedure usually only takes a couple of hours, and at Smile Dental Group we make sure that your experience getting dental implants in Burnaby is as comfortable as possible. Our dentists are experts in their field, with many qualifications, and you will be completely familiar with the procedure before undergoing it, thanks to the consultations where they will talk you through it in detail.

Once the screw is in place, a natural looking, manmade tooth will be attached to it. This will be completely tailored to your smile and will match the shape and colour of your other teeth. For this reason, dental implants in Burnaby will provide you with a completely natural looking smile and give back self-esteem to those who lacked confidence, due to the gap in their teeth.

Not only are the aesthetic benefits outstanding, but here are also numerous practical benefits provided by dental implants in Burnaby. Chewing food will become much easier, speech can improve if there were issues cause by the gap, and infection at the site of the former gap is a lot less likely, now that something is in place to fill it.

The benefits of getting dental implants in Burnaby should outweigh any angst you may have. They have a huge success rate, and glowing reviews from recipients. Our dentists are frequently the subject of rave reviews, for the professional, sympathetic, and caring service that they offer to patients of dental implants in Burnaby.

If this is something you believe you would be interested in having, book a consultation with us and speak to one of our qualified health care professionals about dental implants in Burnaby. We’ll let you know whether dental implants are a suitable option for your gap, and begin moving forward with your journey toward an incredible smile.