Top 4 Questions to Ask Your Burnaby Dentist

Top 4 Questions to Ask Your Burnaby Dentist

May 11, 2017

Have you ever walked away from your Burnaby dentist and forgotten to ask a key question you had in mind? Here are four common questions you might find useful to ask your Burnaby dentist, when you next visit.

  1. How often should I be having a dental check-up?

There are varying factors that determine how often you should visit your Burnaby dentist, though it is recommended to go at least twice a year.

If you start to notice any problems with your teeth, gums, or other related parts of the mouth, you should book yourself in for a check-up at your earliest convenience. When it comes to taking a proactive approach, this can greatly help to catch dental problems before they escalate into much larger issues.

  1. How can I improve my dental hygiene?

There are a number of tips that your Burnaby dentist is likely to pass on, if you ask their advice on improving dental hygiene.

Quick and easy approaches, such as limiting your sugar intake, are replies that are often given, aside from regular brushing and flossing. Additionally, consuming a balanced diet is another critical element to reducing dental problems and improving hygiene, along with being a good practice for your overall health.

  1. What might be causing my sensitive teeth?

If you are suffering from sensitive teeth, it is best to raise this with your Burnaby dentist directly, as they will be able to assess the potential reasons.

It could be a number of different factors causing the sensitivity, such as receding gums or tooth grinding while you asleep. It might also have something to do with any dental work that has been conducted, such as fillings or orthodontics. Certain tooth whitening practices can also be known to cause teeth sensitivity, though consulting your Burnaby dentist is the best method for working out your particular reason.

  1. What is the best prevention for tooth decay and other dental problems?

One of the best prevention techniques for tooth decay and other problems is a thorough dental hygiene routine, along with eating a balanced diet. In addition to this, ensuring you maintain regular check-ups with your Burnaby dentist can help catch any of these problems at their earliest stage, helping to resolve the issue in a quick and easy manner.