Reducing blood pressure through non-conventional method without prescription medication

Reducing blood pressure through non-conventional method without prescription medication

August 23, 2017

*** Disclaimer: This article is presented here as source of information and we are in no way endorsing the method presented here. Intention of this article is to present information on alternative method someone has used to reduce their blood pressure.

I am sharing my experience of how I managed to bring my blood pressure within reasonable levels. I am writing this not to approve or disapprove anything. Just sharing my experience and hopefully this may help others who may have similar situation. Please do your own research. In the end, only you know your body better than someone else and the signals it gives you.

About 3 years ago I had been suffering from frequent headaches and sometimes dizziness. My wife recommended me to get the blood pressure checked and as expected it turned out to be in the range 150/105 when I checked after initially resisting. I had to go to emergency unit as both of us were worried when I experienced the alarming symptoms of heart attack . They said not to worry and go the family doctor. In the end to cut the long story short, the doctor suggested a lifestyle change i.e. significantly reduce the salt intake, exercise or go on medication. I was not interested in going on medication so I decided to give exercising a try and reduce the salt intake. It did lower the blood pressure level slightly but it was still above normal levels. After a trial of exercise and less salt and minimal results for a year, I decided to go on medication. During this switch I also tried some homeopathic stuff like Cayenne and Inno-Q-Nol. I don’t know whether I was impatient or something else but homeopathic medications did not produce any significant results in my case.

So after resisting I ended up with doctor prescribed medication Olmesartan. In my case this medication started creating uneasiness in chest and I later had to switch to Coversyl. I took this medication for 2 weeks and stopped.

For some reason I did not feel comfortable taking medication, I always felt that there has to be better way of solving this. there has to be more lasting solution than just taking the medication for rest of my life. I actually did not want to depend on medication for rest of my life, but that is me.

So, I decided to take double solution approach. The first one was to calm the thoughts and second one was to find some natural way or cure. Tried listening to Anthony Robbins and Patrick Betdavid to better grasp work and career related stress, and the balance. These were all good to get focused, drive and grow but I still needed answers to calm the thoughts that did not make sense and the anxiety if things don’t go the way I want them to go. While I was listening to all this on Youtube, I came across a yoga guru know as Sadhguru on youtube ( . I found his videos meaningful, simple calming and humourous. As I listened to it more and more, they made sense and provided beautiful purpose in life i.e. your connection with the universe. I was so impressed that I ended up in their Ashram Centre in Coimbatore, India for 4 days live course on Inner Engineering (

This course helped me in calm myself, reducing stress and taking joyful approach to life. During the course I had chance to go to their holistic center to see if they can help me to reduce blood pressure. What I was told was interesting. You should try to avoid constipation i.e. the food should not stay in your body for long period of time. If it does not come out then it will start creating effects inside and second thing was to utilize the exercises taught in the Isha course. They also gave me the following herbal medication:

Following is for constipation as constipation increases blood pressure

  1. Dhanwantharam Gulika – 1 tablet with each meal. Dhanwantharam Gulika is an ayurvedic medicine mainly used for diseases of the respiratory system, digestive ailment, and heart diseases.
  2. Sarpagandha Guliks – 2 tablets with each meal. It is used in treating high BP, lack of sleep (insomnia) etc.

The first is to avoid constipation and the details on second one can be found below:


Combination of exercises and medication was definitely producing results but slowly and I still had some stresses.

The medication that did the amazing stuff in my case was:

  1. Divya Mukta Vati (please read the reviews) – I did start with 2 tablets each time with the meals but found to be too much and now only take one tablet every morning if I need to. Your body will tell or indicated this to you and you can feel it.

I bought this medication from authentic and original source, Baba Ramdev’s store in Delhi for about $4 CDN for pack 4 x 30 tablets. They can also be bought from Amazon but I don’t the authenticity. It is supplied by Patanjali .

Link to Divya Mukta Vati:

It is supposed to be herbal stuff and I have no clue on ingredients. So please do your own research. Make sure if you purchase this, you purchase it from authentic source and I am sure there are copied stuff floating out there.

Please read the reviews and you can evaluate it yourself. Google on people use them what some effects and side effects.

Here is some information and blog:

My two approach solution is working so far i.e. working on calming the thoughts through Isha Yoga

, walking and appreciating the nature, and at the same time trying to cure it through natural medication. My usual blood pressure now a days is between (130-140) / (75 – 85) range as opposed to 150/105 range. This is better than before. Some other yoga may work the same but this is what has worked in my case. Another thing that I believe has helped me is regulate my sleep patterns and I believe it was possibly due to Sarpagandha Guliks. With modern life we tend to ignore to relax, appreciate the creation, our connection with nature and slow down. I believe my sleep patterns were not great, being driven and always pushing myself to next level. Sarpagandha Guliks definitely helped to have sound sleep.

I have also been eating grinned beetroot and carrot mix with a 15-20 drops of lemon first thing as morning breakfast and dropped coffee altogether. For taste, I do sprinkle shredded coconut from Costco. Also, sometimes I mix Coriander seeds and leaves of Fenugreek. Definitely reduced the salt intake compared before. Also, not eating out as much.

I think the approach for reducing the blood pressure has to be on mental front and chemical balance front in the body.

In short:

So in the end for me it was Divya Mukta Vati, Sarpagandha, Isha Yoga, listening to Sadhguru’s lectures, walking and changing my thinking. I have reduced the intake of Divya Mukta tablet to 1 tablet in the morning.

Isha Yoga Center in North America:

I did recommend this to two other people and they tell me that it did produce positive outcomes in their case too.

I am hoping this will help other as I was introduced to Divya Mukta Vati by someone else.

I will see if I can get proof of my readings from the doctor.

The other methods I tried during the course are:

  1. Loki/Gourd Juice:
  2. Water melon seeds: