Can I Drink Coffee After Getting a Root Canal Treatment?

Can I Drink Coffee After Getting a Root Canal Treatment?

July 1, 2023

Coffee is an excellent booster in the morning these days. However, coffee may not be suitable for you after a root canal treatment. You can still have cold or iced coffee. However, any dentist near you will discourage you from having warm beverages like coffee soon after a root canal treatment. You can only drink cold or lukewarm coffee to prevent burns, seeing as your mouth is swollen after the procedure. However, it is not advisable to drink warm or hot coffee after the treatment. This is because you risk hurting your gums and teeth as they are overly sensitive after treatment.

Should  You Drink Coffee After A Root Canal Treatment?

Coffee, scalding coffee, is not suitable after a root canal treatment, and here’s why:

Your Mouth is Numb After a Root Canal Treatment

During endodontic treatment, you are given anesthesia to calm and numb you during the procedure. However, as a result, your mouth may become numb, making it hard to feel your gums and mouth. Additionally, it may become difficult to taste food and drinks. Also, burning yourself is easy as you are incapable of feeling your mouth after the treatment. For this reason, iced coffee is a better alternative. Nevertheless, refrain from taking the beverage if you are sensitive to sugar.

Coffee Can Stain Your Teeth

Coffee stains teeth quickly, especially after dental procedures like teeth whitening and root canal treatment. That’s because the drink has dark components which stain teeth quickly.

Hot Coffee May Interrupt Your Healing

Hot coffee may impede your healing. During a root canal treatment, your endodontist removes the damaged pulp, applies the feeling then cements the pulp to seal the tooth. After the treatment, your gum is sensitive and swollen. Hot coffee may aggravate the situation. Additionally, your gums need adequate time to regenerate, and taking hot coffee may slow down the process. However, if you must take coffee, it would be best to take iced coffee.


Sensitivity is common after a root canal treatment. You may experience sensitivity around the treated tooth and discomfort while eating or drinking. On top of that, hot coffee may cause pain to the treated tooth and the gum. After getting a root canal in Burnaby, your endodontist will advise you against taking coffee until the sensitivity subsides.

Other Foods and Beverages That Are Off-limit During Root Canal Treatment

Apart from hot coffee, there are several foods and drinks that you should give up until you are healed from the root canal treatment. Stick to soft foods such as juice, smoothies, and soups.


Just like coffee, alcohol may slow down your healing. Additionally, it may cause bleeding after a root canal treatment. Further, taking alcohol slows down the regeneration of your gums, making it hard to eat food.

Spicy Foods

Spicy foods like soups, chicken, and peppers may aggravate your already sensitive mouth, teeth, and gums.


Bread is chewy and sticky, and this could remove your crown. Also, chewing can be uncomfortable soon after the treatment, and it would therefore be best to refrain from eating bread.


Nuts are hard and can damage your tooth’s crown. Therefore, it would help to skip nuts and other hard foods until you are properly healed.


Dentists and endodontists discourage you from drinking hot coffee after a root canal treatment. While iced or lukewarm coffee may be less harmful, hot coffee has many disadvantages after a root canal treatment. Firstly, it impairs your healing and aggravates the sensitivity of your teeth and gums. Also, coffee has components that stain your teeth, which can alter your smile. Moreover, you can quickly burn yourself with hot coffee, seeing as your mouth is numb after the procedure. Apart from coffee, foods like nuts, bread, and spicy foods are best avoided after a root canal treatment. Instead, it would help to eat soft foods like soups and juices until you are properly healed after a root canal treatment.