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Dentists never like to see someone lose a tooth, but sometimes it’s necessary. If a tooth is extensively decayed or fractured, it is sometimes not salvageable.  Some extractions are also required for orthodontic reasons, to avoid or minimize crowding. We will be sure to discuss any alternatives to saving the tooth, consequences of it’s loss and options for replacing the missing tooth prior to taking it out.


Wisdom teeth

It is often suggested that wisdom teeth be extracted/removed. It is not uncommon for wisdom teeth to be impacted. This means the tooth is not coming in straight, or there is not enough room for the tooth to erupt and it is pushing against the adjacent tooth. When there is not enough room for wisdom teeth, or key concern is avoiding damage to the other teeth. Wisdom teeth often make cleaning teeth difficult and often result in gum disease around the other molar teeth.

In many instances we will suggest having wisdom teeth out in your late teens or early 20s as patients are generally healthier at this age and consequently heal much more quickly. At this stage the roots of the wisdom teeth are often still less developed, making them easier to remove as well.

Gum surgery

There are instances where some patients need gum surgery. This is one of the tasks we are able to use our soft-tissue laser for – it reduces discomfort and bleeding. Gum surgery removes excess tissue overgrowth, reduces pockets, helps access more tooth structure before placing a crown in cases where the tooth is extensively broken down. This is a relatively quick procedure and recovery is also uneventful.

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