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Your chief concern is our chief concern when you’re in the chair. First and for most, we want you to be comfortable.

We will listen to your concerns, problem history and symptoms. A review of your medical history will tell us if there is anything else that may be influencing the problem. Medications, for example, can cause mouth dryness that can make swallow difficult for some, and for others increase susceptibility to cavities.

To help you understand the problem and proposed treatment we utilize intraoral cameras so that you can actually see the condition of your tooth.  Our dentists wear magnified loupes (funny glasses with mini-microscope lenses) to locate the source of small problem, not otherwise easily detected. A radiograph (x-ray) may also be necessary to check the bone around the tooth, the location of the nerve of the tooth, or a possible cyst or abscess.

For new clients/patients coming in for a routine examination and hygiene visit, the examination will consist of a complete head and neck exam, oral cancer screen, examination of the jaw joints, occlusion (how the teeth come together), the gums and teeth. We can also assess the aesthetics of your face/smile. Depending on the circumstances, we will also take some radiographs (x-rays) to see beneath the gums.

The radiographs we use in our office are digital, which means you receive 90% less radiation than you would from traditional x-rays. If you have aesthetic or orthodontic concerns, we may also take impressions to make study models (a replica) of your teeth. These would be used to evaluate and discuss the treatment options available.

Once we’ve collected all the necessary information, we will site down with you and formulate a plan of immediate needs and long-term requirements. Your treatment plan will include alternatives, consequences of not having treatment and any related costs. For large procedures we will send out any predeterminations to insurance on your behalf.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of dental care utilizing the most comfortable, aesthetic and advanced techniques.

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