Meet The Doctor

Dr. Sushma Bajaj

Dr. Sushma Bajaj

In 1989, after earning her Bachelors of Science in Winnipeg Manitoba, Dr. Bajaj realized she had an aptitude for the sciences and decided Dentistry was the perfect profession for her so she went on to earn her DMD. After graduation from dentistry school in 1993 she wanted to learn and gain as much experience as she could in her chosen field, so she bought a practice with a classmate in a small city in Manitoba. As owner she gained significant experience as a dentist and in all aspects of the business.

Dr. Bajaj then moved to BC in 1999 from Manitoba and started associating at two dental Clinics. The principal dentist of the practice she worked at, had triplets leaving her to work as a solo practitioner. In 2001 she moved to Kingston, Ontario and she worked with Altima until 2003, one of the large multi clinic groups in Ontario. She moved back to BC in 2003 and she worked and started three clinics for a dentist who had multiple clinics.

Dr. Bajaj gained a plethora of experience in a variety of associate positions in the following years. In 2007, she practiced with Smile Dental Group and found out that the principal she was working for was opening a location closer to her home. In 2011 she bought Smile Dental from the Dentist she was working for. In August of 2014 she started Halo Dental as a totally new clinic from scratch.

Outside of work, Dr. Bajaj’s family is her top priority. She spends every spare second with her children and husband that she can. And enjoys sneaking in a workout when her schedule will allow.

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