Why Routine Dental Check-ups Are Vital

Why Routine Dental Check-ups Are Vital

October 11, 2016

While many of us are aware that regular check-ups with the family dentist in Burnaby are a smart idea,the number of us who visit routine analysis not as high as it should be.

Regular check-ups are incredibly important, as any family dentist in Burnaby will advise, so ensuring that you book an appointment every six months. for you and your family, is highly advised, as we will explain further in this article.

Importance of regular visits for your child

For those of you who have children, scheduling regular visits to your local family dentist in Burnaby is even more essential. Children’s teeth require close supervision, as their dental care during this period will shape their oral health later in life.

A good example of this is catching problems early, such as a misaligned bite, allowing the dentist to fix it before it creates a more serious issue with the child’s teeth, which would be more problematic to resolve.

Spot problems early

One of the most essential reasons why regular check-ups are a smart idea, is that your dentist can spot problems with your teeth before they reach a painful and more complex stage.

Catching a cavity early, for example, means that the filling required is much smaller, as opposed to leaving it until you start to feel pain coming from your tooth. In this case, the cavity would have grown greatly in size, meaning a larger filling, or additional treatment, such as a root canal, required to save the tooth, if at all possible.

It is also important to note that if you are not experiencing any toothache or pain at the present, this does not necessarily mean that your teeth are healthy and in good shape.

Hygienist cleaning

While you are at the dentist for a regular check-up, many people choose this opportunity to have their teeth cleaned by the hygienist.

This allows the build-up of plaque to be removed from the areas of your teeth that you may have missed through brushing.Plaque build-up is hazardous, as it can lead to cavities forming and to gum disease, making a regular trip to thehygienista smart option.

Analyze brushing technique

Many of us could do with improving our brushing and flossing technique, which is also an area where a regular check-up with a dentist can help.

By studying your teeth, particularly when performed on a regular basis, a dentist can advise of the areas of your mouth where you aren’t brushing thoroughly enough. Following this advice from your family dentist in Burnaby, you can then amend your technique to help take better care of your teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry

Your family dentist in Burnaby may also offer a range of cosmetic dentistry options, helping you to correct any teeth imperfections that you may have.

By inquiring on your next visit to your family dentist in Burnaby, you can gain all of the information on the cosmetic services offered, along with recommendations and advice for your particular issues.