Cosmetic dentistry in Burnaby

Cosmetic dentistry in Burnaby

June 21, 2017

When you think of cosmetic dentistry, the concept can often sound intimidating or pricey. However, in recent days, cosmetic dentistry in Burnaby is becoming more of an affordable option for all. A beautiful smile leaves a lasting impression on others, and cosmetic dentistry can help you renew your confidence in yourself!

There are a range of cosmetic dentistry services available from dentists in Burnaby:

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a simple, fuss-free way to give your confidence a boost for special occasions or business events. Teeth whitening removes discoloration caused by aging, smoking, food and drinks, and more. In a short Burnaby dentist visit, this procedure can truly change the impression you make on others. Although a common procedure, teeth whitening can give you compelling results!

Getting your teeth whitened at a dentist is always a better idea than over-the-counter solutions, as it ensures that the results are uniform, and you’re likely to have fewer side effects such as sensitivity to hot or cold foods.

Teeth whitening usually only takes one visit of less than two hours (or a couple of shorter visits), so it’s a great choice if you want a simple and fast way to improve your smile.


Veneers are thin shells that go over your teeth, made from composite resin, or ceramic material. Custom made for every patient, these coverings are durable and are often used over chipped or misaligned teeth. They can also close gaps between your teeth, helping you recreate a natural and more uniform look. Dentists will make sure your veneers complement your smile and enhance your natural facial features.

Veneers usually take a couple a few weeks, as each veneer requires consultation and custom creation in a lab.  However, the specifics depend on the individual, so it would be a good idea to consult with your dentist in Burnaby.


Orthodontics are also great long-term solutions for misalignments and gaps in your teeth. Although traditional braces are definitely an option, Invisalign is a choice that many are opting for in recent years. Invisalign is a very popular alternative to metal braces, as they are completely clear and almost unnoticeable while you are wearing them! In addition, unlike traditional braces, they are smooth and comfortable, and will not irritate or poke your mouth. They are also easy to maintain, as they can be easily removed – you can brush your teeth without difficulty, and won’t need to worry about what foods are compatible with your braces.

There are many more options available for cosmetic dentistry, and to meet your individual needs, the best thing to do would be to schedule an appointment with your dentist in Burnaby. With proper consultation, you can be sure to get the perfect smile you’ve always wanted!