Can You Reduce the Chance of a Child Needing Dental Braces?

Can You Reduce the Chance of a Child Needing Dental Braces?

October 2, 2016

One of the most common questions that Burnaby dentists face, is whether it is possible to reduce the chance of children needing dental braces.

Dental braces are an extremely effective method for correcting crooked teeth, along with fixing any alignment problems. However, it is often an unpopular technique that would rather be avoided by many, if possible.

So, are there methods to reduce the chance of a child needing dental braces? Burnaby dentists would advise that, while there is no definitive way of eliminating the chance of requiring them in later years, there are certainly measures that can be taken to prevent some issues, as we will explain further below.

Regular dental check-ups

The most effective method that Burnaby dentists will advise you, is that regular check-ups from an early age is the one of the best prevention techniques possible.

Generally speaking, permanent teeth start to break through after a child reaches five to seven years of age, which then signifies one of the most important stretches in their dental health. From then on, regular checks every six months, or so is highly recommended, as baby teeth start to make way for the adult ones.

Regular check-ups enable Burnaby dentists to assess and act quickly if there are any problems, potentially eliminating the requirement for braces at a later age.

Corrective treatment

If there is a dental problem spotted with a child’s teeth, then corrective treatment may be an efficient option. This may result in an early alignment correction being required, which can address problems with an underbite, overbite, or misaligned teeth, while the jaw is still growing.

It may be that removing a baby tooth can also solve these issues, as it provides extra room for adult teeth to grow into.

Alternative straightening options

If your child does require their teeth to be straightened, then an old-fashioned set of metal braces is not necessarily the only option available.

An increasing range of new products are becoming accessible, which are less visible than conventional braces, such as those that go behind the teeth rather than in front of them. Another of these options would be using Invisalign plastic aligners, which are transparent and contain no wires or brackets on display.

These different options ensure that if tooth straightening is inevitable, then Burnaby dentists are able to pass on their advice and recommend the best choice for you and your child.